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Windows Cleaning NY Rates: 

Dear customer, please be advised that any rates given on this site should be used only for rough budgeting and primarily as a guide to pricing for our services.
Window washing prices start at $10 per standard, regular window size (32 x 58).
Larger size windows, city quiet glass windows, and double windows are priced higher.
Prices for window cleaning vary on case-by-case basis and depend on numerous factors. Every apartment, house or building is different and there are varieties of different types of windows, types of glass and frames.
If windows are excessively dirty and require glass scraping with razor after construction to remove the glue, paint tape or silicone removal the cost of cleaning will be higher.
Additional charges may also apply if there is difficulty with access, removal of screws, stoppers, air conditioning units, blockades, gates, and child guards.

Please call us at 646-581-6239 and our customer service representative will provide you with a quote on the phone or, if necessary, will schedule a free on-site window-cleaning estimate.

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